Our Mission

Temple University's Professional Science Master's degree program in Scientific Writing is designed to provide graduates with the knowledge and tools necessary to tackle the growing needs of both the scientific community and mass media to accurately and concisely convey complex scientific arguments and concepts in a way that is consumable by a wide variety of audiences. The primary objective of the program is to help students with diverse backgrounds in science develop and use scientific writing skills in all relevant areas including the STEM disciplines, Contract Research Organizations, science communications, and public health communications and policies. In addition the program seeks to serve those who are recent graduates in obtaining relevant employment in the above fields, as well as to accelerate career advancement or allow for a career shift for currently employed professionals.

What is Scientific Writing?

Scientific Writing communicates scientific ideas to a targeted audience.

Scientific writing includes technical writing that is used in clinical reports, by pharmaceutical and biotech companies in regulatory applications for drug approval by the Food and Drug Administration, and for approval of treatment regimens more generally by U.S. and international regulatory agencies.

Scientific writing also includes writing about science for popular media. Whether for major news sources such as websites, television, and newspapers or for more informal mediums such as social media.

What is a Professional Science Masters?

A Professional Science Master's Degree is a unique Master's degree with a dual emphasis on science training and professional development. It is designed specifically to prepare students to move directly from school or another career into a new career.

The Temple PSM in Biotechnology has been designed for recent graduates and professionals who have a bachelor's degree of equivalent in a STEM field (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).

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